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Think of debt settlement as getting the cake and eating it too… just not all of it. It’s a negotiation process by which you secure debt collection at the cost of lower final payment. But, understanding debt settlement can help you recover a significant amount of what debtors owe you. Most debtors are looking for a way to

When someone takes your property wrongly and refuses to give it back, you can file a replevin action. Creditors use replevin actions to recover collateral when debtors default on secured loans. For example, a bank might file a replevin action against a borrower to repossess the borrower's car after he missed too many payments. This article explains

Post judgement collections can be difficult and expensive to oversee, with creditors exposing themselves to legal risks if they inadvertently violate debtors’ rights even after winning a case in court. Proven strategies help secure repayment while avoiding legal peril. How do post judgement collections work, and what’s the best method for securing a settlement once a

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Hanna & Jarbo, PLLC offers a full suite of Landlord-Tenant & Real Estate services including Lease Drafting, Tenant Background Reports, Evictions & Post-Eviction collections.