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Sometimes a client may be unwilling to pay for goods or services you have provided them with even after making multiple collecting calls.

Don’t let your business suffer due to bad customers who don’t pay up. It’s time to start taking action.

Hanna & Jarbo will help you navigate the system and advise you on the available options. We can make the debt collection process hassle-free and ultimately help you recover money from your debtors.

We Have a Proven Track Record

Who Are We & What Do We Do?

Hanna & Jarbo is a Michigan law firm with unparalleled success in debt collection. Our commercial debt collection attorneys are successful in 85% of all cases, never resting until your debts are paid in full. Our collections attorneys are ready to help your business quickly recover the unpaid rent, utilities, or contractor fees you’re owed. 

Hanna & Jarbo’s passion for commercial debt recovery ensures your company gets paid every time, even when others aren’t on time. You won’t find better debt collection services anywhere else in the Midwest. 

We work closely with you to collect your past-due balances and advise you on protecting yourself better when extending future credit. Contact our offices today so that our team of attorneys can collect what’s lawfully owed to you or your company.

Specialty Practice Areas

We cultivate a team of experts who are ready to help business owners in any industry reclaim unpaid debts.

With expertise in over 10 specialty practice areas, Hanna & Jarbo has the commercial debt collection attorneys needed to track down any debtors who are violating the law.

Whether you’re a landlord dealing with late rent payments or a contractor seeking payment for a hard day’s work, Hanna & Jarbo always delivers decisive results when collecting unpaid debts. 

Are you ready to reclaim what you’re owed? Review our list of specialty practice areas to find out how Hanna & Jarbo can help your business recover lost debts:

  • Supplier Account Receivables
  • Returned Checks (including charge-back credit card payments)
  • Landlord-Tenant Debt & Money Judgments
  • Charged-off or non-paying commercial credit portfolios
  • Construction debts
  • Auto loan and deficiencies
  • General loans, notes, and credit lines in default
  • Secured and unsecured judgments or liens
  • Foreign (non-Michigan) judgments
  • Mortgage/Land Contract deficiencies
  • Other commercial paper receivables

Skip Tracing Services

Your business can’t get paid until you track down the debtors who have been dodging your calls. When it comes to locating the debtors who are skipping town instead of paying up, Hanna & Jarbo has the best investigative team in the Midwest. Debtors may be able to run, but they’ll never be able to hide from our debt collection attorney. 

We offer accurate skip tracing services that locate runaway debtors who are trying to flee from their responsibilities. Yet our skip tracing services offer more than mere location and data tracking. We can identify persons of interest, collect testimony from fact witnesses, and accrue data to prove that you’re owed money. Skip tracing conducted by Hanna & Jarbo is thorough, fast, and effective. It’s why business owners across the Midwest turn to our skip tracing team for all their debt collection needs.

Landlord-Tenant Debt Collection

Landlords who get tangled up trying to collect debts from tenants are wasting valuable time and money. Hanna & Jarbo has extensive experience managing landlord-tenant relations and always ensures that property owners receive prompt payments. Whether you’re leasing individual apartments or offer luxury housing, our debt collection specialists will ensure renters pay their bills at the end of the month.

Worried about unpaid utilities or serious damage to your property? We know how to ensure optimal outcomes for landlords who are dealing with disruptive tenants who refuse to respect the law. Our experts will guarantee that your tenants pay what they owe without consuming your valuable time. We also uphold landlord and tenant rights throughout the collection process. 

Whether you want to draft a lease or conduct a tenant background check, Hanna & Jarbo is ready to help you avoid real estate headaches. We also offer excellent eviction services for residential and commercial property owners. Don’t fall victim to squatters who owe you money – contact Hanna & Jarbo and let us handle your landlord-tenant debt collection.

Debt Collection For Contractors

Contractors across the Midwest lose huge sums of money to unpaid fees every year. Our team has the valuable expertise needed to oversee debt collection for contractors in almost any sector. Regardless of your trade, our debt collection attorneys can help collect the unpaid bills that clients have been accumulating as you put in hours of hard work. Leave your business collections to us.

Construction specialists, plumbers, and other private contractors can’t afford to pursue client debts all alone. Obstinate clients can stonewall you for months on end instead of paying what they owe. Our collection experts are ready to step in and make ends meet so that your business doesn’t have to leave commercial debt on the table. With the help of Hanna & Jarbo, contractors are never without the means of reclaiming their unpaid debts.

Debt Collection for Small Businesses

Small business owners understand the perils of unpaid bills better than most. Without a steady cash flow, countless companies would collapse in a heartbeat. Hanna & Jarbo is committed to offering debt collection for small businesses that ensure local entrepreneurs always get paid at the end of the day. Our legal experts have the required knowledge to reclaim debts without exposing your business to any legal jeopardy. 

Few entrepreneurs have the free time needed to represent themselves in small claims court. The debt specialists at Hanna & Jarbo can provide you with the legal advice needed to avoid litigation altogether. With our commercial debt collection services, your company can quickly collect unpaid debts without halting everyday operations.

Pre-Litigation Debt Collection

Our debt collection attorneys are prepared to engage in business to business collections without ever having to enter a courtroom. We ensure that debtors are notified of their responsibility to pay up without violating consumer protection standards. In addition to establishing contact with debtors, Hanna & Jarbo determines the collectability of debt and negotiates swift solutions out of court. 

Our unmatched ability to pursue debtors can earn you an early payday without ever having to dress up for court. Other lawyers for debt collection are all bark and no bite – when push comes to shove, they can’t secure you the payments you’re owed. At Hanna & Jarbo, we never rest until all debt collection methods have been exhausted in and outside of the courtroom.


When legal battles ensue, you need talented lawyers on your side to emerge victorious. Hanna & Jarbo’s unrivaled expertise is sure to win any litigious dispute with your debtors. Our experts distill complex legal battles down into an understandable process for business owners and contractors. We walk you through every step of the legal journey and ensure the debt collection process is as affordable as possible. 

Recovering seriously delinquent debt can’t be accomplished by amateurs. Our dedicated team of experts possesses years of experience to optimize your chances of winning. Now that the federal eviction moratorium has ended, we’re prepared to help landlords across the region recover their property. Suppliers, lenders, and others who are owed money can rest assured that our lawyers offer the finest litigation services in the Midwest.

Post Judgement Collections

The fight to reclaim your unpaid debts isn’t over when the court proceedings end. Even after a court has ordered your debtor to pay up, the actual collection process can continue for months. Without a dedicated team of experts to oversee the post-judgment phase, many business owners never collect on the entirety of their debts. 

Hanna & Jarbo stand by clients until they’re finally paid the money they’re owed. We help lenders reclaim every missing penny after receiving legal declarations that payment is finally due. Are you worried that you’ll win in court only to stall in the post-judgement collection stage? Our commercial debt collection attorneys won’t rest until you’re paid in full.

From wage garnishment to levies, we’re familiar with every post-judgement tool which can be leveraged to secure repayment. After walking you through a complex legal process, we’ll make collecting your repayments a breeze by communicating directly with your debtors. Our legal experts, knowledgeable in business debt collection laws, can also manage any discussions with opposing counsel who may try to confound the debt collection process. 

Why take a debtor to court if you can’t make them pay up in the post judgement phase? At Hanna & Jarbo, we understand that clients are never truly served until they’re finally in possession of the money they’re owed. Avoid the agonizing process of collecting money in the post judgement stage by allowing our team to manage the collection process for you.

What Does Working With Us Look Like?

Our debt collection procedure involves three simple steps and is hassle-free.

Step 1: Set up a free consultation call

Set up a free consultation call with us. We’ll explain everything you need to know about commercial debt collection.

Step 2: Give us your debtor’s information.

Collect and give us your debtor’s information. This information will help us know what to collect from your debtors. Gather information such as invoices, IOUs, leases, promissory notes, and whatever else you have that will help us collect what your debtors owe you. 

Step 3. Sit back and relax

After providing us with information relevant to your debtors, you don’t have to do anything further. We will use all our resources and do whatever else is necessary to track down your debtors and ensure you get the money they owe you.

Why Work With Us?

While there are many debt collector lawyers in the Midwest, working with Hanna & Jarbo has several benefits. 

Our debt collection services are hands-off.

Our firm takes the burden of debt collection off your shoulders from the word go. We will take care of everything from A to Z so that you can concentrate on the nuts and bolts of your business.

Our debt collection services will save you money.

Engaging us to handle your debt collections won’t be too expensive since we don’t charge out of pocket, only on debts we recover.

There is zero risk involved.

We only get paid when you are paid, so either you get your money back or pay us nothing.

Our success rate in collecting commercial debts is outstanding.

Hanna & Jarbo achieves debt collection 85% of every case. We can assure you that you won’t find better debt collection services anywhere else in the Midwest.

We do things right the first time.

We strive to do everything right from the moment you hire us. We adhere to the guidelines set out by the FDCPA when collecting your debts


The use of false names and statements in order to collect unpaid debts is generally prohibited. Physical threats, stalking, and falsely misrepresenting the amount of money owed are other forbidden practices.

Credit card debt, student loans, mortgages, auto loans, medical bills, and general business debts are regularly reclaimed across the Midwest.

Debt collectors can call debtors as well as send them letters, emails, and text messages.

Yes, collectors can get a court ordered “garnishment” that allows them to dock the wages of debtors to collect unpaid debts.

Attorneys Dalen Hanna and Sam Jarbo lead up the prestigious Hanna & Jarbo PLLC., law firm. With more than a decade of combined experience locating, verifying, and securing lost debt for our clients, our team is prepared to take on any debt collection challenges you may have in Michigan.

Yes, Hanna & Jarbo has perfected the practice of effective skip tracing. We can track down any debtor who skips your calls to avoid paying what they owe.

Yes, our legal experts possess years of experience collecting business to business debts. Hanna & Jarbo can ensure quick repayments from businesses in any industry.

Every debt is different, but Hanna & Jarbo quickly win in 85% of every debt collection case.

Ready To Get Paid? Our Collection Specialists Are Here To Help.

We provide debt collection services for creditors who are owed money. This includes contractors, landlords, lenders, suppliers, and judgment holders. 

Our focus on collection services has allowed us to become experts at collecting past-due accounts, judgments, rent, credit, returned checks, and other financial obligations.