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Small Business Debt Collection Services

In an ideal business situation, you would expect debtors to remit payments as soon as an invoice or repayment falls due. Even where they default, necessitating initiating collection measures, you still hope they will honor the agreement and clear their dues.

As you know that’s not always the case.

Hanna & Jarbo will help you navigate the system and advise you on the available options. We can make the debt collection process hassle-free and ultimately help you recover money from your debtors.

We Have a Proven Track Record

Who Are We & What Do We Do?

Hanna & Jarbo is a Michigan law firm with unparalleled success in debt collection. Our debt collection attorneys are successful in 85% of all cases, never resting until your debts are paid in full. Our small business collections attorneys are ready to help your business quickly recover the unpaid rent, utilities, or contractor fees you’re owed. 

Hanna & Jarbo’s passion for small business debt recovery ensures your company gets paid every time, even when others aren’t on time. You won’t find better debt collection services anywhere else in the Midwest. 

We work closely with you to collect your past-due balances and advise you on protecting yourself better when extending future credit. Contact our offices today so that our team of attorneys can collect what’s lawfully owed to you or your company.

Compliant Recovery

Despite the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforcing strict regulations to safeguard American borrowers against unfair collection practices, inexperienced and rogue debt collectors are still prevalent. Engaging such agencies to help with debt collection for your small business can be a risky move. 

In most cases, engaging in illegal actions such as issuing threats to debtors, demanding amounts above the set legal limit, revealing their indebtedness to other people (co-workers, family members, etc.) tend to backfire on the debt collector. 

Debtors who understand their rights will often capitalize on such loopholes to file a violation complaint, which can land the collection company in deep trouble, in addition to not being able to recover the money. On top of potential litigation, such misconduct by the collection agency can end up ruining your reputation, leading to loss of business.  

At Hanna & Jarbo, we are well-conversant with debt collection laws  which enable us to remain complaint while aggressively pursuing the debts. And in case a debtor goes into hiding, making it difficult to recover the debts, we can skip trace them and initiate the collection process.


We prioritize recovery through out-of-court negotiations as we believe this is essential in fostering good relations with the customer. However, if the debtor ignores our agreements or communication, we often escalate the case to the court. 

Generally, we only file a case if we are confident we have a good chance at winning. Hence, we conduct thorough preparation by gathering all the necessary documents and facts to build a strong case and increase our chances of winning.

Wage Garnishment

Whenever a debtor fails to submit payments as agreed, we may request the court to issue an order instructing their employer to withhold a certain percentage of their salary.

Specialty Practice Areas

Engaging a specialty debt collection firm for your small business guarantees better outcomes. Usually, specialty lawyers have in-depth knowledge in their area of specialization, meaning they are well-conversant with the best approaches to take to get the accounts settled. 

Thanks to their expertise, they spend lesser time studying the case, which leads to less downtime. Specialty lawyers also have a solid reputation, which can intimidate opponents, giving them an upper hand in negotiations.

  • Auto loan and deficiencies
  • Charged-off or non-paying commercial credit portfolios
  • Construction debts
  • Foreign (non-Michigan) judgments
  • General loans, notes, and credit lines in default
  • Landlord-tenant debt & money judgments
  • Returned checks (including charge-back credit card payments)
  • Secured and unsecured judgments or liens

What Customers Have to Say

Debra was frustrated from trying different debt collection firms until she found Hanna & Jarbo. This is what she said – Shortly after switching over to Hanna & Jarbo from our old firm, we started receiving checks. We have continued using the firm for our debt collection, and we are satisfied. ~ Debora

What Does Working With Us Look Like?

If you decide Hanna & Jarbo is the right team to help recover your debts, we will commence the process in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Make a free consultation call to our Michigan office at 248-209-6486

Set up a free consultation call with us. We’ll explain everything you need to know about small business debt collection.

Step 2: Give us your debtor’s information.

Collect and give us your debtor’s information. This information will help us know what to collect from your debtors. Gather information such as invoices, IOUs, leases, promissory notes, and whatever else you have that will help us collect what your debtors owe you. 

Step 3. Sit back and relax

Focus on running your business while we take over the process and pursue the debtors on your behalf.

Why Work With Us?

While there are many debt collector lawyers in the Midwest, working with Hanna & Jarbo has several benefits. 

Our debt collection services are hands-off.

Our firm takes the burden of debt collection off your shoulders from the word go. We will take care of everything from A to Z so that you can concentrate on the nuts and bolts of your business.

Our debt collection services will save you money.

Engaging us to handle your debt collections won’t be too expensive since we don’t charge out of pocket, only on debts we recover.

There is zero risk involved.

We only get paid when you are paid, so either you get your money back or pay us nothing.

Our success rate in collecting small business debts is outstanding.

Hanna & Jarbo achieves debt collection 85% of every case. We can assure you that you won’t find better debt collection services anywhere else in the Midwest.

We do things right the first time.

We strive to do everything right from the moment you hire us. We adhere to the guidelines set out by the FDCPA when collecting your debts


If your business is a brick-and-mortar, then getting a collection agency near you can be beneficial. Their proximity to your locality, especially where your debtors are, can ease the agents’ recovery process, which may end up lowering the overheads.

Yes, you can. However, you have to be licensed to access their private information. While there are tools that can easily mine private customer information, doing so without a valid license is illegal. Common holders of the license include; attorneys, private investigators, and bounty hunters, etc.

We only bill debt collection services on a contingency basis.

What does that mean?

It means you don’t pay a dime until we recover your money. If we don’t get your money back, you don’t pay us anything at all! Hanna & Jarbo has every motivation to work hard to put your dollar back in your pocket.

Secure Reliable Debt Collection Services For Your Small Business Today!

If you desire to collect your debts efficiently and still preserve your relationship with your customers, hiring debt collection services is the way to go. Enlist Hanna & Jarbo’s services and rest easy.