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Landlord and Tenant Services For Creditors

Landlords who personally attempt to collect unpaid rent from tenants or enact evictions could face serious legal consequences if they violate tenant rights. With the help of landlord and tenant services from a debt collection attorney, landlords avoid this peril. 

Even minor landlord and tenant disputes can last for months without legal aid. Courts may punish landlords who mistakenly violate tenant rights during the eviction process, too. 

With Lt services, eviction and rent collection are made easy.

We Have a Proven Track Record

Who Are We & What Do We Do?

Hanna & Jarbo is a Michigan law firm with unparalleled success in debt collection. Our commercial debt collection attorneys are successful in 85% of all cases, never resting until your debts are paid in full. Our collections attorneys are ready to help your business quickly recover the unpaid rent, utilities, or contractor fees you’re owed. 

Hanna & Jarbo’s passion for commercial debt recovery ensures your company gets paid every time, even when others aren’t on time. You won’t find better debt collection services anywhere else in the Midwest. 

We work closely with you to collect your past-due balances and advise you on protecting yourself better when extending future credit. Contact our offices today so that our team of attorneys can collect what’s lawfully owed to you or your company.

How Landlord Services Help You Get Paid

Collections on delinquent tenants are time-consuming to oversee. After investing plenty of time in the collections process, many landlords discover that stubborn debtors simply refuse to pay up. 

Debt collection attorneys possess the legal authority needed to secure a court order and make them pay. This encourages debtors to pay up and avoid court. 

Unlike commercial debt collection agencies, debt collection lawyers know the local laws governing landlord and tenant relations in your region.

Landlord and tenant services issue legal notices on behalf of creditors to ensure collections on delinquent evictions. They represent creditors in the courtroom and manage the difficulties of the post-judgement collections on delinquent tenants.

Landlord And Tenant Specialty Practice Areas

Hanna & Jarbo’s team of debt collection attorneys possess years of expertise in unique practice areas. Whether you’re seeking collections on evictions or simply wish to issue a legal notice to an unruly tenant, our landlord services will help you avoid legal peril. 

Hanna & Jarbo’s Midwestern expertise has ensured successful debt collections in 85% of all cases. Ready to get started collecting?


Conducting illegal evictions on your own could cost you multiple times the amount of money you’re owed in the form of lawsuits. Tenants whose rights were violated can sue landlords in retaliation, ensuring that your personal efforts to evict a tenant end up costing you dearly. 

Certain unethical eviction tactics could also render you personally liable for criminal charges. Conducting a messy, illegal eviction in violation of federal moratoriums could destroy your commercial reputation and lead to prosecution or fines. 

Evictions in the Midwest may take up to two months to finish. Our Lt services provide a speedy process that never jeopardizes collections on evictions by violating the rights of tenants. 

NTQs (Notices To Quit)

Issuing notices to quit (NTAs) is a vital part of getting delinquent tenants to vacate the premises and repay what they owe. This formal document that identifies and punishes lease violations is crucially important to the financial well being of landlords. 

Such important files should be maintained by dedicated landlord and tenant experts who can quickly and affordably resolve disputes. At Hanna & Jarbo, our team of legal pros will serve NTQs quickly without violating tenant rights or devolving into harassment.

Collections on delinquent tenants

Our landlord services can help you get paid without having to evict anyone. By conducting a polite but firm campaign to oversee the collections on delinquent tenants that have been frustrating you, we ensure repayment is made without costly eviction battles. 

Debt collection agencies are all bark and no bite. Our attorneys actually have the power to convince delinquent tenants that paying late rent is easier than hiring an opposing lawyer. 

When legal experts who understand landlord and tenant disputes are on your side, the battle is won without ever having to enter a courtroom.

Collections on evictions

When a landlord and tenant can no longer cooperate with one another, the messy eviction process must begin. This emotionally exhaustive battle will likely drag on for weeks and could become quite bitter. With landlord services on your side, you avoid this hassle.

After issuing NTQs and clearly establishing that a lease has been violated, our legal experts will secure court orders on your behalf to enforce evictions.

Furthermore, Hanna & Jarbo oversees collections on evictions until the very end when creditors are repaid in full.

Other specialty areas include:

  • Supplier Account Receivables
  • Returned Checks (including charge-back credit card payments)
  • Landlord-Tenant Debt & Money Judgments
  • Charged-off or non-paying commercial credit portfolios
  • Construction debts
  • Auto loan and deficiencies
  • General loans, notes, and credit lines in default
  • Secured and unsecured judgments or liens

What Does Working With Us Look Like?

If you decide Hanna & Jarbo is the right team to help recover your debts, we will commence the process in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Make a free consultation call to our Michigan office at 248-209-6486

Set up a free consultation call with us. We’ll explain everything you need to know about landlord-tenant debt collection.

Step 2: Give us your debtor’s information.

Collect and give us your tenant’s information. This information will help us know what to collect. Gather information such as invoices, IOUs, leases, promissory notes, and whatever else you have that will help us collect what your tenant owes you.

Step 3. Sit back and relax

Focus on running your business while we take over the process and pursue the debtors on your behalf.

Why Work With Hanna & Jarbo?

Our staggering success rate of 85% makes Hanna & Jarbo the most successful debt collectors in the Midwest. Our ability to quickly and peacefully resolve landlord and tenant disputes guarantees that creditors are repaid without violating the law. 

We have years of experience issuing NTQs, overseeing legal battles surrounding evictions, and providing Lt services to small and large landlords alike. Hanna & Jarbo never charges you out of pocket, ensuring we don’t receive payment unless we successfully collect for you.


Each eviction is different. Midwestern evictions may take between 2 weeks and 2 months. Some evictions could be impacted by current events, like pandemic-related eviction moratoriums or executive and legislative action at the state level.

Hanna & Jarbo never charges you out of pocket. We don’t get paid a penny until your collections on evictions are completely taken care of.

Penalties vary by state and offense, but many landlords could be sued by tenants whose rights were violated during a shoddy eviction process. While actual restitution varies with each case, some tenants may win up to 3 months rent back or more in the courtroom.

Absolutely. A notice to quit is one of the first and most important elements of the eviction process. Without a lawyer to help serve proper NTQs, landlords may never be able to enforce collections on delinquent tenants. Landlord services ensure your NTQs meet legal standards.

Reclaim Your Property With Hanna & Jarbo

Are you ready to take back the property that’s rightfully yours? 

We oversee the entire landlord and tenant relationship on your behalf. Our experts get the job done in 85% of all cases and never charge out of pocket. Begin issuing NTQs and collecting unpaid rents today.