If you’ve ever wondered how to choose the best commercial debt collection attorney – you’ve come to the right place.

Creditors who attempt to collect unpaid debts without legal assistance could face severe and costly consequences. Luckily, debt collection attorneys possess the expertise needed to collect on commercial debts while avoiding costly legal battles or ethical scandals.

Is your commercial success threatened by debtors who refuse to pay what they owe? Seeking payment from unresolved debts is a difficult and dangerous process that could land you in legal hot water if done improperly.

With the help of a debt collection attorney, creditors can rest assured that they’ll receive payment without worrying about the legalese.

Without further ado, here’s how to choose the best commercial debt collection attorneys in the business so you can get paid.

How to Find The Best Commercial Debt Collection Attorney

The best commercial debt collection attorneys will ensure you get paid without having to deal with a lawsuit. Whether it’s unpaid rent or an overdue invoice, they can convince debtors to pay up, locate those who have skipped town, and handle any matters which might require the assistance of a court, such as obtaining a judgment for the money you’re owed.

When evaluating an attorney, always begin by evaluating their professional experience and fees before determining if they’re the right partner for you.

Worried that a debtor who owes you money has skipped town? Your attorney may be able to perform “skip tracing,” which refers to tracking down debtors who have fled the area to avoid paying what they owe. The best commercial debt collection attorneys, such as the experts at Hanna & Jarbo, can conduct successful skip tracing to locate wayward debtors.

Debt Collection Attorneys May Have Specialty Practice Areas

Debt collection attorneys may focus on helping a specific group of clients, such as real estate owners, contractors, or lenders. Ensure that your debt collection attorney has experience collecting debts in your field. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, such as how they ensure the rights of both creditors and debtors are upheld during the collection process.

Landlord-Tenant Debt Collection

Rental owners may need to enlist the help of a landlord-tenant debt collection specialist. These attorneys possess extensive experience helping landlords recover unpaid rent, utilities, fines, or other fees associated with real estate. Hanna & Jarbo have extensive experience managing landlord-tenant debt collection and evictions to ensure the rights of property owners are upheld.

Contractor Debt Collection

Countless contractors labor for hours only to discover they’re not being paid on time, or at all. They may not realize that clients can continue to avoid payment unless specific legal documents are delivered to them.

Debt collection attorneys ensure payment is received in a legal fashion to avoid further litigation or fines. They ensure that electricians, home builders, landscapers, and other contractors avoid legal issues when contacting clients who refuse to pay the bills.

Some attorneys may succeed in getting a debtor’s attention but lack the finesse needed to truly collect an unpaid debt. The best commercial debt collection attorneys will have a stellar track record with a high success rate when it comes to collections. Never hesitate to ask your debt collection attorney about previous cases and their overall success rate.

Litigation Assistance

The professionals at Hanna & Jarbo stand ready to help contractors, landlords, and other creditors navigate our dizzying legal system. Unlike mere collection agencies, actual attorneys can walk you through litigation and enforce collections after winning in court.

Debt collection agencies don’t have the legal expertise needed to represent you before a judge. Luckily, the experts at Hanna & Jarbo have years of experience ensuring your legal fees and time spent in court are kept to a minimum.

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