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Fill Out Your Notice to Quit, We Take Care of The Rest

Landlord Clients,
Need to start a new
EVICTION? Please kindly provide the following necessary information:

Upon receipt of this data, our staff will do one of the following:

New Clients
1) Our office will forward a retainer agreement* for your signature via email.
2) We will then create a Client profile within our system.
3) Someone from our office may contact you with further questions or information.

Current Clients
1) Our office will prepare a new matter under your Client profile.
2) We will then draft and mail out the proper Notice to Quit per Michigan Law
3) We will then reach out within 7 days to confirm how you would like to proceed.

*Please note that a signed retainer agreement is required by law. An Attorney-Client relationship is not established until such retainer agreement, which will be provided by Hanna Law, is signed by a prospective Client, delivered to, and received by, Hanna Law.