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Commercial Debt Recovery: Practical Guide To Debt Collection

Late payments or missed payments can leave severe, even unrecoverable, damage to a business and with COVID-19 restriction, it’s important more than ever to keep your cash flow steady and predictable – in order to stay afloat. 

To help businesses and creditors out, we have written a practical, in-depth guide to commercial debt recovery that will help a lot of you out.

Without further ado, it is best to start with the basics.

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Many creditors have an internal "collection attorney vs. collection agency" debate when seeking help with debt collection without ever understanding the key differences between the two. And unfortunately, creditors who make a mistake and pick the wrong option may never end up getting repaid. If you hire a debt collection agency when you should be relying on

If you've ever wondered how to choose the best commercial debt collection attorney - you've come to the right place. Creditors who attempt to collect unpaid debts without legal assistance could face severe and costly consequences. Luckily, debt collection attorneys possess the expertise needed to collect on commercial debts while avoiding costly legal battles or ethical

With over 71 million Americans having debt in collections, there are untold millions out there waiting to be repaid. Many business owners and contractors are owed huge sums of cash they may never see or spend without a debt collection attorney. If you’re a business owner asking, “Should I hire an attorney to collect debt?”, the

Given that 71 million US adults have debt in collections reported in their credit files, it’s no wonder that creditors everywhere are looking to hire lawyers to manage pre-litigation collections. Pursuing an overdue debt by yourself is difficult, pricey, and usually bound to fail. Should you hire a lawyer to oversee the pre-litigation process? Doing

Debt collection law in Michigan is confusing to understand and expensive to violate. Landlords, contractors, and creditors who are owed money may face legal jeopardy if they attempt to collect a bill without respecting the rights of debtors. In addition to a messy legal battle that could quickly spiral out of control, they could also suffer

Collecting on your unpaid debts could backfire if you’re not familiar with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This important piece of federal legislation determines how landlords, contractors, and lenders can go about seeking restitution when dealing with debtors. Pursuing a delinquent debt without brushing up on the FDCPA beforehand is sure to end

Are you looking to reclaim unpaid debts but lack the technical expertise of how does debt collection work? If you continue reading you'll gain practical insights into debt collection and how to effectively tackle it. Debt collection is one of the oldest known professions, yet the tactics and technology that modern debt collectors rely on are

It's every business owner's dream to maintain excellent customer relationships, yet in business, we unfortunately sometimes are forced to ask ourselves "should I hire a debt collection lawyer?" as a last resort to unpaid debts. Having to embark on aggressive debt collection measures like involving a debt collection lawyer only comes as a last resort adopted

Debts on credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, and student loans are all on the rise in Michigan.  Although Michiganders’ total debt levels are still below the national average, this is largely because Michigan residents are more than 25% more likely to file for bankruptcy to clear their debts than residents of other states. Few people would disagree